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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The moral of the story is: It's okay to ask dumb questions.

The date was simple. Hang out in downtown Chicago, maybe take a brief tour of the Cathedral District until the Lighting of the Magnificent Mile (a heralded event, ushering in Winter and the Holiday Season with a parade whose procession sequentially lights every block of Michigan Ave.)

The evening was to end with a ni
ce meal at Brazzaz, a Brazilian Steakhouse.

All this was put together because we hadn't been on a REAL date in a while and had been planning on going back downtown one of these days....
[okay, I've just been told to cut to the chase and get on with the engagement story]

So that was the extent of the plan; as far as SHE knew. We got a late start (her fault), but he stayed calm. We arrived at the first Cathedral, Holy Name (the intended proposal location) just in time for Mass....

Again, he stayed calm, he had a backup. St. James Episcopal Cathedral was just 3 blocks away...and unexpectedly locked. On the fly, they enjoyed an exterior tour of the architecture and found a side chapel...also locked. It was still a pretty spot and he was running out of patience in the Cathedral district (and so was the suspecting soon-to-be-fiancée)--so he decided to propose....

He had a speech (they always do). It involved a poetic chronicle of their relationship and the seemingly providential liturgical parallels.

Somehow, instead of this suave, beautifully crafted ballad (which she eventually enjoyed hearing about over almost equally well-crafted steak at dinner), he took the road more traveled and promptly forgot his sonnet. Instead he decided that beginning with a confession of all the lies that led to this moment (more on that later), followed by some kind of stammering maybe about love or the rest of their lives or some nonsense, was more suited to the occasion. However, neither of us really remembers what transpired in those fated minutes because she interrupted with an anxious, "Would you just hurry up and get on with it?!?" betraying her nervousness as well as her acute sense of directness and cunning perception dubbed as "mad sleuthing skills" for which he loves her. At this, he dropped to one knee, flashed the magical bling bling and asked "Will you marry me?" She may or may not have rolled her eyes, but she did reply, "Yes, of cou-ourse!" almost offended that he'd even ask such a ridiculous question.

Being in such a beautiful yet dimly lit area (complete with amber street lights) they needed to move toward better lighting so she could enjoy the ring in all its glory--she did not regret her decision (to move into better light nor her "yes").

Unsure of what to do next in this new path of life in which they found themselves and not really feeling any different, why, they continued to the parade, of course. They enjoyed the parade and fireworks as though just for them.

They also enjoyed taking pictures of themselves and of the children lost in wonder at mickey on the float--that is, until the camera battery died. Not to worry, it only took 20 minutes after the parade ended to cross the street and buy a disposable camera at Walgreen's. Armed with said camera, they headed to the Brazilian steakhouse, knowing that the perfect way to celebrate was an All-You-Can-Eat-Meat fest.

When they reache
d their table, a beautiful bouquet of roses, orchids and eucalyptus leaves adorned it. Not knowing that these were special, as the restaurant was tre-shi-shi, as they say, Greg had to throw the card at Noel for her to understand. She was thrilled at reading, "Thanks for saying 'Yes'" and at knowing that really he had known all along what she would say. She was also ecstatic that she said "yes".

So that's the tale of that one blessed evening. If you've had enough reading, thanks for "listening" to the tale. Feel free to check back here for updates on the wedding or leave us a comment (you can leave it as "anonymous", but say your name in the actual comment).

For further information on the epic events leading up to the engagement and the trouble through which Greg went to leave Noel in the dark...stay tuned!