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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hotel info!

We were out abode hunting the other day and noticed a well placed hotel that we thought we'd tell you all about. It's Fairfield Inn Lombard, located on North Ave. It's very near to the 355 tollway...so that's nice...and on North Ave. so close to 294/290 as well. They are not very expensive, are AAA members and also have continental breakfast!

Anyway, it looked pretty nice and so we wanted to share. We still didn't block off rooms just because probably not enough people will be staying but the rates seem decent anyhow and are still open for that time period. So, there ya go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ZGallerie ammendment

Z Gallerie has been having some issues lately...so we haven't been able to put the coffee table on that we want. It's the Addison one if anyone is interested in getting it. :) But, again, that's more of a collection of gift cards item.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we have been having issues with getting things on the actual registry so we also have a "wish list". If you go to Zgallerie.com and login as pfeifllins2008@gmail.com, the password is wedguest. It's not attached to any credit card or anything and is already set to go to Noel's home address (which is where we're storing all our booty). It doesn't have ALL of the things already on the registry, just some additions.

Thanks to all for your support!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Where to sleep?

We did not block off any cool hotels. Our reason is simple: Chicagoland is very big and you may wish to stay in any number of posh locations depending on your interests.

Most places in downtown Chicago are great places to stay, they are just very expensive. So please feel free to stay there and ask us any questions you might have about the hotel but we are not listing them here as they are generally so expensive.
So, we will merely give you some suggestions of where to stay varied by your interests.

1. North Shore Chicago's perks: very close to the wedding and reception locations, not too far from the airport and certainly close enough to the city to hop on public transportation to see the sights.

2. O'Hare Airport area perks: As soon as you get in, you don't have to navigate Chicago tollways to get to your temporary abode. Also, not too far from the Wedding and Reception sites. Probably not the best option for those who fly into Midway (ie Noel's fam and others who use Southwest :) )
3. Western suburban perks: If you are in the wedding or helping with the wedding, you should stay out here. Carpooling will be easier, etc. While there is no out-of-towners event planned at this time, Greg and I dwell out here in the 'burbs so it's more likely you will see us if you are staying out here. Downside is that it is not the most convenient for getting into the city nor to the wedding & reception. Is about 30-45 minutes from O'Hare, 45 from Midway. Lombard, Oakbrook, Glendale Heights, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn all of these are names of suburbs near where Greg and Noel will live (wherever that will be).
************If you find a good place to say, please share it on here in the comments (just comment under anonymous).*****************

Special thanks to Jennifer Green, b-maid, for her work on this.