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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ring to rule them all...

Here's a pic of Noel's awesome wedding ring,
which finally came on October 8th.

It was sorta weird after the ceremony when the photographer had us take the "stare at the ring" pictures. We mostly were just laughing. Plus, I really thought it was weirder that Greg had a ring because ever since I was 12 and my Dad bought me a ring in Israel and blessed it in Cana (asking for grace in purity and also praying for Greg-only we didn't know it was Greg at the time but you know what I mean), I've basically had a ring on my my "ring finger". The Israel ring was lost in a tragic river intertubing accident, the details of which will not be released at this time.

Anyway. Here are more photos of the symbol of Greg's vow. It's nice to have now. And to know it looks good with or without the engagement ring. PS. --I'm sorry that they are not the best pics. Very difficult to shoot very shiny, tiny things with my poor little lens.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

wedding pictures!

Click here to view our online gallery. There are some really good ones...and many of guests so check it out! And if you couldn't come, now's your chance to check out what was missed. A couple notes: the photos are not in order so don't worry if you see it jump around a lot.

Thanks, hope you enjoy them! More on the Pfeifers soon! We've been busy busy but do promise an update very soon.