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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"engagement" photos

Just like us to procrastinate...but anyway, here they are...taken a mere 8 months after the actual engagement. But at least we're a little tanner and didn't have to wear 42 layers of clothing.

If you've seen The Dark Knight, you may recognize the bridges and some of the streets. Hooray for Chicago movies!

Thanks for checking them out. Comment here under "anonymous" if you have anything to say.

Greg turned to me last night and said, "We're in the wilderness now!" At my confusion, he said, "You know, 40 more days and 40 nights." So, may we walk through it more gracefully than the Israelites did.... Thanks for your support!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

reply cards!!!

Hello dearest ones,

So, reply cards were due yesterday. This is your reminder to get your in if you have not yet done so. Thanks, we get so excited to go check out the mail everyday. And we know several people have not yet turned them in, we're watching you!

Thanks. Talk to you all soon. Hope you're coming to the wedding.

PS--If you're having trouble picking a song, just write as many as will fit or e-mail them to us. If you can't come, you may still do a song request. Thanks.