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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


the Mantourage and the Ladies in Waiting:

-George. brother of the groom. USMC [insert impressive sounding rank here]. Guitar Hero master. Jacksonville, NC

-Sparky. aka Alex Parrish. ex-step-brother of the groom ("brother" for short). UMD Senior! College Park, MD

-Andrew/Michael Collins. brother of the bride. Pele impersonator. Poli-Sci major at Incarnate Word. San Antonio, TX

-Andrew Unger. whipping boy of the groom. Canadian ex-patriot. NES all-star. youth minister extraordinaire; MBI grad. Wheaton, IL

-Ray Wu. son of the groom. Artistic wizard/creative genius. kung fu jedi AND Chinese (read: dangerous) Wheaton, IL

-Brad Pritts. fellow servant of Church of the Resurrection. philosophical revolutionary; new dad! bald by choice. West Chicago, IL

-Hope. sister of the bride (though, looks nothing like the bride- except in smile). itinerant baby-sitter. Wheaton College Bio Senior (i.e., for hire, but not in biology). carol stream, IL.

-Al. other sister of the bride. Queen of the animal kingdom. mother of ethan (nephew of bride). not engaged to Greg. San Antonio, TX.

-Mink. aka Rachel Mink and Grand Minksta Flash. monastic flirt. C.S.Lewis aficionado. wheaton, IL.

-Jenn. slashie award winner of the bride (roomate/co-worker/bridesmaid
/confidante). champion of psycho-social justice. wheaton, IL.

-tri*Sarah*tops. blossoming fellow LOSTie. prayer consultant of bride. lover of the au natural (not as in naked but as in trees). wheaton, IL...but c'mon y'all, her sweet home? Alabama!

Sometimes a bridesmaid (but gets to keep the title honorarily), sometimes a missionary to India:
-Carrie. fellow LOST freak of the bride. ex-boss. she's crafty (that's Beastie Boys, Greg!). Settlers of Catan annihilator. Mother of leyroy and i-pod (unofficial nephews of bride). carol stream, IL.