Welcome, guests, friends, family! Thanks for visiting our page. Well, we're married now and loving it. We'll use this site now to keep you up to date on our life together. Love, Greg & Noel

Friday, May 30, 2008

invitation party

This is how our invitation making/my 25th birthday party went:

General revelry and more importantly, chili eating. Thanks to my Dad for supplying us with the sustenance and making my birthday party awesome.

Yay for Micaela Pritts, an important part of the evening's festivities...as well as her mom, Lisa,and the always suave, Michael Johnson

Family! Thanks for helping, hey, and that's one of my bridesmaids, my sister, Hope.

More family! I love my Dad and his chili. :)

Let the invitation making commence!

The uniqueness to each and every invitation! It's fun to play with colorful ink and stamps. (And no, Mink is not a hand model...but if anyone's an agent, I'm willing to lend her hands out :) )

Ray, our map designer, is also great with his hands...and a paper cutter. He hand cut each and every reception/direction card. He's also in the wedding! Thank him when you flawlessly traverse the streets of Chicagoland on your way to the wedding.

Sarah admires Chris' aptly placed embossing powder.
(don't we all really?)

The feather cutters, labelers, invitation gluers, and handwriters! So very important to the process...all of whom are also incredibly photogenic. If Brad didn't cut feathers so well, we would fire him...for not letting his photogenicicity shine. He's in our wedding party, Jenn, the belle next to him is also in the wedding and Sarah (of whom there are many more pics) is also a b-maid and of course, those good looking peeps on the right as well....

Sarah has never been photographed before. So she decided to make up for lost time.

Such a happy and scary couple.

Possibly my favorite photo from the evening. See? Isn't he suave? At the very least, creative. And yes, ladies, feel free to ask for his number :)

Speaking of scary...

Also scary...I like how Brad's face is pretty much the same in this as the last. Oh well...it's better than the lovers faces they usually make when photographed together.

The sibs...sorry you couldn't make it, Al!

The almost finished product. But, then, you know how the finished product came out. Hope you enjoyed the invitation. And the picture show.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Okay, so, Greg and Noel are excited to begin their life together. However, they realized in the process that they really began their individual lives a few years ago and so have accumulated lots of stuff. They have found that they do not need more crap and to prove this, they are even going to hold a garage sale in July (stay tuned those of you in the area).

However, Greg and Noel's biggest need is for furniture...couch, coffee table, bed side tables...etc. Because of this, the registry may seem sparse. Of course, they do not believe anyone will buy the couches and coffee tables on the ZGallerie website but they get a discount after the wedding simply for having it on the registry. However, there are a few smaller items on the ZGallerie site. BUT, gift cards to ZGallerie are appreciated. However, they have also registered elsewhere because hey, it's always fun to open items, too!!!

Please please please do not feel the need to buy Noel and Greg a gift. They really will live just fine without a gift from you and would be perfectly content just to have you at the wedding or to see you sometime soon if you can't make it.

But, if you would like to get a gift, they have registered at:

--mostly for furniture, password: guest (yeah, we know, why even have a password?)

Bed, Bath and Beyond
--most things fall under the "beyond" category

-- not a lot here but everybody loves Target :), check back as they will likely update this as the wedding approaches

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Location, location, location

Where would Noel and Greg choose to do their swanky exchanging of vows?
Here, of course. "Here" being Chapel of St. John the Divine on Seabury Seminary's campus, which is on Northwestern University's campus in Evanston, IL.

Reception will take place at the lovely Winnetka Community House...or see this

Our invitation making party (pictures to follow soon) happens on Friday so then we'll put up some scans of invitations involving times and other pertinent info. Thanks!