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Friday, August 29, 2008

Chicago Transportation

How to get around in Chicago


your ticket to ride between Chicago and suburbs or between suburbs and suburbs.
be sure to watch the schedules. If going between Chicago and Wheaton area, use the Metra Pacific West Line. Chicago-Evanston is the Metra/Union Pacific North line. Be sure to beware the inbound and outbound trains have very different schedules depending on the day. This is an actual train and is more expensive than the El, though it is pretty cheap still and weekend passes are available.

The "El"

You should ride the El at least once while in Chicago, we think it's really fun. Plus it's a good way to see the city. Our advice for El transport is to pick up a schedule with the colored lines on it as soon as possible. Each line is a different color. Most converge in "the Loop" which is what Chicagoans call the inmost downtown area of Chicago. So, if you hear it, now you'll know. And if you use it, you'll be welcomed :) Please note: the El does not travel to Wheaton. It does travel to Evanston. The El is nice because it runs for many more hours than the Metra and so you don't feel as bound by its schedule. You can also find a stop close by nearly anywhere in the city. The Red & Purple lines go north to Evanston area. For the wedding, we recommend taking the Purple all the way to the Noyes St. stop in Evanston. Then it's a straight 3 block walk to Sheridan, go right and less than a block to the chapel. Image of an El ticket:

Bus schedules for Chicago can also be found at the CTA website where the El schedules are.